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I‘m David.

They call me an Identity & Interface Designer, but I just love to design things.

And by the way, I am fu*king good at it.

You can ask my mom!

Who is this person?

Hi again, I am still David Rehman and welcome to my personal portfolio.

I (pretend I) am an Interface Design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. If there is one thing that my life as a digital creative has taught me, it is that no two projects are ever the same! My aim is to create extraordinary designs that is loved by everyone. I love to experience new things this is why I am always on the road and looking for new adventures! For more information check my CV or feel free to call me or swing me a mail!

David Rehman

Germany +49 176 72 630 174

Zanzibar +255 774 587 531

South Africa +27 619 789 100

Sweden +46 736 29 44 08



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